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Clarence Major

Davis, CA


The Art and Life of Clarence Major by Keith E. Byerman, published June 2012, provides a study of Major's art and life. The book contains 17 colors plates, 22 black and white images and an analysis of Major's paintings, poetry and fiction. ISBN 978-0-8203-3055-6.

Artist Statement:

Although I occasionally paint landscapes and still lifes, my focus is on the human figure. It is the most familiar and the most challenging subject in art. I believe my strongest ability in painting is in figurative work. The human figure--especially the female figure because she represents the life force--is endlessly fascinating. I try to create highly individual facial and body expressions. Human beings are part of nature. Cezanne said, "Art in parallel to nature." I try to create figures that are parallel to nature. Van Gogh said, "The basis for everything is knowledge of the figure." Most of the great art of the past has been about human beings and their activities transformed into figurative expression.

I attended drawing and lecture classes at the Art Institute of Chicago's Fullerton Hall on a James Nelson Raymond scholarship. I also studied painting under the direction of Gus Nall. My paintings are in many private collections and several public collections. They have been featured in many solo and/or group shows at private galleries, museums, and university galleries such as University Art Gallery, Indiana State University; California Historical Society Museum, San Francisco; Woodland Community College; Nelson Gallery, University of California at Davis; John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA.; Pierre Menard Gallery, Harvard Square, Cambridge; Kresge Art Museum, East Lansing, Michigan; Exploding Head Gallery, Sacramento, CA.; Main Street Gallery, Winters, CA.; Phoenix Gallery, Sacramento CA.; Porter Troupe Gallery, San Diego, CA.; Carnegie Institute Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA.; Texas A & M University Art Gallery; Gales Gallery, Chicago; Blue Hills Gallery, Winters, CA.; Denenberg Fine Art Gallery, LA.; Anita Shapolsky Gallery, N. Y.; 40 Acres Gallery, Sacramento CA.; First National Bank Gallery,Boulder, Colorado; and Sarah Lawrence College Library, Bronxville, N. Y. My paintings have been on display in many places other than galleries and museums, such as restaurants, government buildings, community centers, etc. They are currently on display at Watch City Brewing Company, Waltham. (To buy any of the original paintings or drawings displayed in the Profile contact by FAA email Clarence Major).

BOOKS: Two recent exhibition catalogs: Configurations: Paintings by Clarence Major, Pierre Menard Gallery, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA; and Myself Painting: Paintings by Clarence Major, University Art Gallery, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana. An earlier book: Clarence Major and His Art by Bernard Bell See full bibliography at


Yellow Apples by Clarence Major


Roses 2 by Clarence Major


Roses by Clarence Major


The Old Train Crossing in Winters by Clarence Major


Farmland at Road One Thirteen by Clarence Major


Putah Creek Bridge on Campus by Clarence Major


A Putah Creek Bridge by Clarence Major


The Storm by Clarence Major


Melanie by Clarence Major


Garden Path by Clarence Major


On The Farm by Clarence Major


Putah Creek Bridges by Clarence Major


Happy Hour by Clarence Major


Putah Creek Bridge by Clarence Major


Conversation on Campus by Clarence Major


A Large Pink Room by Clarence Major


Blue and Black by Clarence Major


Kenzie by Clarence Major


Slyvia by Clarence Major


Yellow Room by Clarence Major


Annie by Clarence Major